Thursday, February 18, 2010

Medal Count 7: It's Gold for Christine Nesbitt

Big - big news this afternoon Christine Nesbitt has won gold for Ladies 1000 metre speed skating - woo hoo!

Let's see what we should throw into the prize basket about a half metre cut of a beautiful Canadian print designed by Thimbleberries! If you need it for your own stash you can purchase it online using this link:
With all the Olympic excitement we have been quiet about the goings on in the store! Sandy and I have been very busy unpacking ... 20 crates of fabric. With the store so much bigger now we are increasing our fabric inventory by about 25%! Isn't that exciting news? We are adding tonnes of stuff to the clearance wall basically on a daily is the link to all our fabric priced at under $6.99/metre: Clearance Fabric
Remember at Sew Sisters the prices are low but the quality is always top notch!

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Quilting Queen said...

wow..what a great basket it's going to representative of Canada's success.