Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Project Update - An Intervention

Alright - I promised updates on my summer project but could not find the camera because my family moved.  The camera has been unpacked so now I will give you the update.  I decided that I would make a postage stamp quilt (using 1 inch squares) for our new King Sized bed.  I have a very large stash of 1930s fabrics so I thought the best thing to do would be to alternate 1930s with Kona Snow  (a winter white coloured solid from Robert Kaufman that just happens to be my favourite background fabric).

First thing is first I am going to show some pictures of my 1930s fabrics...I really couldn't capture the sheer vastness of  how much of it I actually have.   Here is one small box of scraps.

Here is a picture of the giant tub in my unpacked living room - 
boy did it ever get grubby in storage during the move!
PS -  we finished unpacking that room on Sunday  :o)

Here is a peak inside the giant tub.
 I started out by cutting some of the smaller scraps and sorting them by colour into my muffin cups.
Somewhere around this time I figured it would be more fun to work on my summer project with a friend so I invited the Magpie over to quilt every Thursday night!

Magpie is nothing if not a realist and informed me that if I didn't pick up the pace and stop futzying around cutting one little square at a time that not only wouldn't I finish my quilt this summer -  I wouldn't finish it this lifetime  (ouch!).  Magpie gave me an extension on my project (until October) and set out a clearer path for getting the project done -  what would we do without friends? 

Step One:  Grab the biggest vessel in the house which happens to be our gigantic salad bowl.

Step Two:  Dump all squares into the bowl

Step Three:  Start strip cutting to fill the bowl as quickly as possible  (well I didn't quite get to that yet -  I kept cutting up my little leftovers but I will start ironing and cutting larger pieces this week).
Stay tuned for more progress as the Magpie tries to get me going faster in the blistering heat!


Angie said...

Can't wait to see more! ;)

Cathi said...

Oh, my!! A king-sized postage stamp quilt?? Yikes! It will be fun to follow your progress on this!

Janet said...

thnx for the updates & good luck. We all need a magpie in our life

Betweens said...

I think you need someone (me) to come over there and keep you going with the cutting and ironing while you started piecing. I am sure that you will be done by summer`s do realize it is the end of July already...
I am glad the move has gone well and you are settling lemme know if you need a sew day buddy...been to the store 2x and you were not there...shocking!! LOL

Linda said...

I'm thinking you are very brave to be making a king size postage stamp quilt. I can only imagine how many of those little tiny squares you will be working with.
Can't wait to see the work in progress pics. Keep us up to date.

magpie said...

she's a trouper, even in the heat!

fiberchick said...

You need to borrow my cutter! Can't wait to see the finished top. It is going to be gorgeous!

fiberchick said...

You need to borrow my cutter! Can't wait to see the finished top. It is going to be gorgeous!