Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 5

Hi Everyone,  Can you believe it is the 1st of February?  It really doesn't feel much like winter, not that I am complaining.

Thank you for your stories.  I have heard the one about the fat quarters being free samples.  I don't think I would get away with that one in my house.  Don't worry about the stonehenge being too dark Magnolia,  there are many  more light blocks to come.
Stitch on the pencil line
This week's block will go together very quickly.  First you will need to draw a line with a fabric marking pencil diagonally across all 8 small blocks.  This will be your sewing line.  Then place the small block in the corner of the large block and sew along the pencil line.  See diagram above.  I strip pieced these blocks which made things come together quicker.  You will sew 2 small squares to each large square.  Refer to your pattern for color placement.
Trim seams like this
When you trim your blocks make sure that you cut on the correct side of the stitching line or you will be in trouble.  This will be your finished product.
Paths to Pieces Block
You should be receiving your February package of blocks soon.  Starting next week we will be having packages of the blocks in the store that you can pick up weekly if you want to join us.   Anita you are the winner of this week's draw.  Email us to claim your prize.  Look forward to seeing you all next week.  Jeannie

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Magnolia said...

I think I'm geometrically challenged. Are you marking the 8 smaller blocks from corner to corner right through the middle?