Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along Week - 11

Hi Everyone:

     In Toronto, we have had two Wednesdays in a row with beautiful spring-like weather.  I can really get used to this.  As much as I like winter, not worrying about heavy coats and boots is really nice.  The block we are working on this week is called Churn Dash.  It is one of my favorites, and is on my list to do a whole quilt using this one block.  Possibly using 30's fabric.
     This block will come together easily.  The one thing I thought I might talk about (especially for the beginner quilters)  is cutting your fabric. I know this might sound ridiculous, but  I like to take as much of the math out quilting as I possibly can.   Instead of getting out the calculator or the graph paper to figure out how to get the shapes out of the fabric that you have been given. First, trust that we have given more than enough fabric to get you through this project. Then I would cut out the bigger shapes first.  Then the smaller ones.

     Today's block calls for 2  - 3  3/8"  squares.  My first cut was a 7" piece of fabric one.  The 2nd cut was
2 - 3 3/8" squares then cut into triangles.  The rest of fabric 1 can be cut into your rectangles. (see diagram below)
Cutting directions - fabric 1
Churn Dash Block
These are the finished blocks.  Aren't they pretty?  Happy sewing everyone.  See you next week.


Magnolia said...

It snowed for 4 hours in Montreal. Good quilting weather!

Anita E. said...

I love that churn dash block, Jeannie! You could probably get quite a nice secondary pattern doing block-to-block.

Anita E. said...

Very pretty indeed, Jeannie!
You could probably get a quite lovely secondary pattern doing block-to-block.

Lolly Challice said...

Lovely looking fabric, I'd like some!