Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 12

Hi Everyone!

This is the third week of lovely spring like weather in Toronto.  I finally broke down and went into the attic and retrieved some of my summer clothes.  I hope that doesn't jinx things.   At this time of the year it is a tug of war between quilting and gardening. Today quilting won!

Today's block is called  Jacob's Ladder.  It is a variation of the Double X block that we did on week 10.                                     At first I was struggling about what I would say about the piecing in this block,  then I realized that  some of my half square triangles weren't exactly accurate.  I am not sure whether  it was cut or sewn incorrectly or distorted while being ironed.   I thought I might share with you how I square them up if they need it, using the 45 degree angle on the Omnigrid Ruler.

Omnigrid Ruler
If you line up the 45 degree angle on the ruler with the diagonal seam that joins your triangles, it will give you an accurate 90 degree line so you can trim your blocks.

Squaring up your Blocks
  Once everything is squared, piecing them together will be much easier.
Jacobs Ladder Block

This  is the finished product!!  Happy sewing everyone.   

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