Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 31

Hi Everyone:

     August is upon us.  Where does the time go?

        I cannot believe the name of this weeks block.  It is called Swamp Patch.  I wonder who is responsible for that name.  I googled it, and yes it does exist.  Mind you the half square triangle blocks that are in the corners of the block can be flipped with the darker triangle on the inside and it gives the block a whole new look.  Try it before you put the block together and see what you like best.  I just followed the directions and did what I was told.  The last 3 blocks have been very similar, so assembly directions for the last two weeks should be helpful in guiding you through this weeks block.

Assembly for Swamp Patch Block
If you do decide to flip your corner triangle block so the dark part is to the inside of the block it will make the block look much different than the last two.  I will let you make the artistic decision that suits you.  This is what your finished blocks look like.
30's Swamp Patch Block
Stonehenge Swamp Patch Block

 I thought you might want to see the last three weeks blocks together.  It was a coincidence that two of them are in the same colourway.

Last Three Weeks Stonehenge Blocks

Last Three Weeks 30's Blocks
     Have a great week everyone!

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