Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fundamentals Sew - Along week 33

Hi Everyone:

     Well the Olympics are over and things are back to normal in our house.  I must admit I got a lot done on my English Paper Piecing project while watching the Olympics, another week and I might have gotten the top finished.

     This weeks block is called Buckeye Beauty.  First we are going to sew  fabric # 1 triangle to a fabric # 2 square. Press.  You will notice the triangles overhang the square. Trust me this works.   

Square And Triangle With Right Sides Together
When it comes to pressing, I find it is very easy to distort triangles.  It helps if you keep the heat of the iron away from the bias side of the triangle. If you  place the iron down carefully on the seam, you don't need to press the  whole segment.

Press Seam Carefully So Not To Distort
Sew another triangle # 1 in place.  Press to make a pieced triangle.  Make 2 of them.  Sew a fabric # 2 triangle to the pieced triangle to make the squares.  Make two of them.

Pieced Triangle

Repeat this process with fabrics # 1 and 3. Make 2 squares with fabrics # 1 and 3. You have 2 options when assembling this block.  I will let you decide which one you like the best.  See pictures below.

Option 1: Gold Triangles In The Middle
Option 2: Grey Triangles In The Middle
I chose the second one.  If you are doing the 30's your finished block will look like this.

Buckeye Beauty Block

If you would prefer to have the yellow triangles in the middle for the 30's feel free to change it up!

Thanks Anita for your comment on my 30's hexagon English Paper Piecing project.  I would love to see the one you are working on.  Next time you come to the store, bring it along you know how much we love show and tell.  Have a good week everyone!

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