Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fundamentals Sew - Along Week 37

Hi Everyone:

     Well, the kids are back to school and people (including myself) are looking for classes to join and projects to start.  For all the people that finish their projects before they start a new one we are nearing the home stretch for this quilt.  We are almost 3/4's finished!

     This weeks block is called Big T.  It looks complicated, but when you break it down into segments, it is quite simple. First sew your light and dark small squares together to make a rectangle. Then you will join the light rectangles to your pieced rectangle turning the segment back into a square.  Make 4 of these and set aside.

Light And Dark Squares Joined  To Form A Rectangle
Corner Of The Block Segments
     The next block segment is the Flying Geese portion.  Join the small triangle to the large triangle.

Join Small Triangle To Large Triangle
      Next, join the other small triangle to the other side of the large triangle.  Press.  Make 4 of these.  And set aside.

Strip Piece Triangles To Flying Geese
Flying Geese Segments
     Join flying geese segments to colour # 2 rectangle.  Make 4 of these and set aside.  All of your segments should be square.  Arrange them according to the diagram in your pattern and piece into rows.

 Block Segments

Pieced Rows 
     Sew rows together to create you bock.

Big T Block

Have a great week everyone!  Enjoy the nice weather.

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