Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 38

Hi Everyone:

Today's block is called Ohio Friendship Quilt.  It is actually quite similar to the block that we did last week, although we have reversed the colours and the flying geese portion of the block is also reversed so it doesn't resemble a star.

The corner portion of the block is  a four patch using all three of the colours.  Two of the cream coloured squares mixed with one square of each of the other 2 colours.

Tree Color Four Patch Block Segments
Next you will  sew 2 half square triangles to a quarter square triangle to make a flying geese segment


Flying Geese Segments
Attach the rectangle to your flying geese segment creating a square.  Arrange your segments according to your pattern (see picture below) making sure the the dark square in your 4 patch is in the outer corner.

Block Segments
Your finished block will look like this.

Ohio Friendship Quilt Block, Stonehenge Fabric
Ohio Friendship Block, 30's Fabric
See you next week everyone!

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