Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - week 49

Hi Everyone:

      Week 49!  Can you believe we have done this many blocks?

      This week's block is called Boy's Nonsense.  You will start with making a square in a square using fabric # 3 squares and fabric # 4 triangles.  Making sure that you center the triangles on the square.
Square In A Square Assembly
     This is what it should look like.

Square In A Square Segment

     Sew  fabric #1 triangles to both ends of fabric # 2 rectangles.  Make 2 of these.
Block Segment
     Next sew the large triangle fabric # 1 to the side of the rectangle. Make  2 of these.

Block Segment
     Layout your square in a square segment with both of your segments that you just finished and piece them together to look like the photo below.
Center Block Segment
Sew the large triangle fabric # 1 to the side of the rectangle creating a large pieced triangle. Layout your 3 diagonal rows of block segments and sew them together.
Three Diagonal Rows Of Block Segments
This is your finished block!  Nice eh?  See you next week.

Boy's Nonsense Block Stonehenge
Boy's Nonsense Block 30's Fabric

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Anonymous said...

I so love these blocks! Is there a link to somewhere so we can see all the blocks to date? It's way too late for me to join this and I'm super busy for a while to come, but I'd like to add the ideas to my 'Someday' list. Thanks. ~ Linne