Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tutorial: Christmas Ornament

We whipped up this cute Christmas Wreath ornament with some paper pieces, a glue pen, and some fabric.
It's a nice little addition to your Christmas decorations or a friend's stocking.

You will need:

Place the hexagon in the center of the 2.5" square on the wrong side of the fabric. Rough cut along the sides of the hexagon about a quarter of an inch. Cut a little more than a quarter of an inch if you're a beginner so you don't have too small a seam allowance. 

With your Bohin Temporary Glue Stick Pen for Fabrics glue the sides of the hexagons. Fold the seam allowance onto the paper pieces folding the corners over as you go.  Press Down.

 And you're done.

Whip Stitch your hexagons together. 

Whip Stitch 6 hexagons to form the wreath as shown. You can lay them out so you know which sides you should join. Make another wreath for the back. Place the two wreaths together wrong sides together and whip stitch the edges. We left the paper in so the ornament would be stiff. 

Add a lovely bow or tie a ribbon through to hang it up. 


Kate said...

That is so pretty - and it looks so easy with the hexagon papers. Thanks for sharing.

Diane H said...

Really cute! This will fit perfectly into Christmas cards for my quilty friends.

CLS said...

Sew awesome!!

Kathy MacKie said...

Love it and sew easy too, thanks.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

great wreath....thank you for your very nice comment on my Log Cabin quilt.