Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 52

Hi Everyone: 

     By now alot of the craziness has subsided and it is time to settle in for some serious winter sewing.  You are about to finish your very last block of this program, and then  the fun begins with putting them together to create a gorgeous sampler quilt.  I am working on the store sample and it is looking beautiful.

     The last block is called Square and Star.  Sew pieced triangles from fabric #1 quarter square triangles  and fabric #4 square.  Make four of these.

Pieced Triangle
     Centre and sew 2 fabric #2 triangles to fabric #1 squares.  Make four of these.
Block Segment
     Sew flying geese from fabric #1 half square triangles and fabric #4 quarter square triangles.  Make four of these.

Flying Geese Segment
     Sew flying Geese and pieced units together.  Make four of these.

Pieced Block Segment
          Layout all of your block segments so that you get a sense of how they will go together.

Block Segments
     Sew the pieced triangles, pieced corners and fabric #1 square into diagonal rows. 

Pieced Rows
     Sew the rows together, and this is your finished block.    

Square And Star Block, Stonehenge Fabric
     I took a photograph of all the blocks in the order that we made them.  I think they look fantastic.  And they will look even better when we organize them in a pleasing arrangement.

1930's Fundamental Blocks
Stonehenge Fundamentals Blocks
      I must say I have really enjoyed this last year.  And I have learned a lot.  It seemed like the different block patterns  were clustered together  in groups, teaching different variations of similar blocks.   We learned lots of Flying Geese variations, lots of Stars and Pinwheels.  Triangles aren't so daunting anymore.

     I also learned to blog.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this process, and have loved reading your comments.  After a year of blogging weekly I actually feel like I have the hang of it.   Poor Carol (our web Girl) she has had her hands full,  I would get the blog almost finished and then hit a button and it would be gone.  She saved me more than once.  Thanks Carol!  In fact I started my own blog and hope to post more regularly so I don't forget these new found blogging skills.   Stop by and visit.  I hope you all have also learned and enjoyed this sew along.

  I look forward to hearing how you finish your quilt.  Make sure to send a picture in we all would love to  see it.  Stay tuned we will have a picture of the finished quilt and finishing kits available for this project.  Hope you all have a happy healthy New Year with lots of time to quilt!

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That is a beautiful block.