Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 15

Hi Everyone:

     I hope your week was a good one. Easter is just a memory, and I have had my fill of Easter eggs.   Even though my kids are too old to hunt for eggs that didn't stop me from buying some to stash away for myself.

     Today's block is called Sawtooth Star.  The block for week 6 (Dandy Star) is similar, but the star is floating on the background so you are sure to have all of your points on your star.  This week the points go out to the edge of the block so accuracy is especially important.  If you look at the block closely, it is made up of 4 flying geese surrounding the centre square.  The last two weeks we have been working with flying geese so you must be getting good at them by now. One customer told me she was struggling with them so I thought I would walk you through what I do.

     Triangles can be tricky.  One thing I have been doing is spraying my fabric (before I cut it) with Best Press starch alternative (regular spray starch also works).  I like Best Press because there aren't any food products in it. It helps keep the bias sides from stretching, and makes the pieces easier to piece.

Best Press - Caribbean Beach - 16 oz

 Even if you use starch, be careful when you are pressing.  The next picture shows today's boo boo.

I just wasn't paying attention to what I was doing.  I had two triangles on the ironing board.  I pressed one and accidentally dragged the iron over the other one.  Look what happened!  It shows you how easily things can get distorted.  There is an easy solution to this.  I lined it up next to a matching triangle.  Positioned it so that it matched the other, which means the bias edge looked wavy and it didn't lie flat.  Then I gently put the iron on it and forced it back to it's original shape.

     The other question I had about Flying Geese was " How do I line up different size triangles"?

Placement for Triangles
    First you lay your large triangle right side up (see diagram above)  Place the small triangle on top with the wrong side up ( right sides facing each other).  The second triangle will overlap the first triangle at the top.  The bottom points will line up together.  Then you will sew along the long edge of the top triangle. Then press (see diagram below) and clip the tiny little triangles off the side and top.  Repeat the process for the left side of the large triangle and you now have one of your flying geese.

Assembly Directions for Flying Geese

Sawtooth Star Block

 These are the finished blocks. That distorted triangle is in the star block on the right.  Can you tell which triangle it is?  I can't.  I hope these tips help.   Happy stitching everyone!  See you next week.                         

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