Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 16

Hi Everyone

    By now all of you  must have quite an assortment of pretty blocks. The project is slowly taking shape, but we still have a way to go on this journey together.  Looking ahead, there are still a few more fabrics to add to the palette.  I hope you are all enjoying getting your fabric packs in the mail.

     This weeks block is called Dutchman's Puzzle.  All the practice you have had doing flying geese blocks is going to pay off.  There are many flying geese rulers on the market.  If you have one and want to use it feel free.  You will need to make a 1  7/8" X 3  3/4" finished size flying geese segments for this block.  I am going to do mine according to the directions on the pattern. One important  tip is to clip the excess fabric triangles off (see diagram below).  Not only does it make it look neater, if you have a quarter inch foot on your sewing machine, you can sew your next triangle on much easier.

Clip Your Corners
Once you have finished all of your segments, trim them to clean up the edges.  It makes it easier to piece them together if all of your edges are even.

Square Up your Blocks

Audition your Flying Geese Blocks

      I must admit, this is the part I like the best!  I know the directions tell you how to assemble the blocks a certain way, but it is always fun to experiment and try out different colour ways.  In the Stonehenge the pattern has you use the grey flying geese blocks to make the pinwheel.  I couldn't resist seeing what the block would look like with the brown as the pinwheel.  With the thirties block, the pattern has the purple as the pinwheel.  I  liked the green better.  So I decided to reverse things.  The blocks below are the finished product.  I would love to hear which way you have decided to do yours. 

Dutchman's Puzzle Block

       Happy Stitching everyone!  Spoiler Alert!  There will be no flying geese next week.  See you then.

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