Monday, April 23, 2012

More Space = More Fabric

Yes! We are expanding the store! This will mean more space for fabric, more space for classes, and more quilting fun! 

We're going to be blogging about the expansion so make sure you follow the blog to see how things are coming along!
We must say a big Thank You to all our wonderful customers who've helped make this happen. We truly appreciate your support over the years and look forward to entering the next phase of our journey with you.
The store will be up and running through the expansion process and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience the renovation may bring. Rest assured we'll do everything possible to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Day 1: 

This is what the store looked like this morning. The Baldwin family worked hard all weekend to get the store ready for the guys who were going to blow a hole in the wall Monday morning. 
Karen (the other Sew Sister) is down for the week! :) Come by and say hello or see her at the Creativ Festival this weekend. 
So all the fabric was covered up and the men got to work!

Save that fabric!
At about 11:00 am they were all done and we went over to inspect the opening to the new space. 

The sisters checking out the opening. 
Judy and Karen peer into the screen. 
 And this is what they see!

This is what the room likes from the other side. 

That's our new space! Imagine it all cleaned up and the walls covered with shelves of fabric!

This will be our new class room space. 

We'll bring you more images and moments from our expansion. Stay tuned!


KarieAnn said...

Wahoo! :-)

KarieAnn said...

Wahoo! :-)

felicity said...

Congrats on your expansion! I am so so so excited for you, Judy and Karen! And I waved to Fred in that first picture - did he see me?

Deb said...

Where is the store located?

Carol said...

Hey Deb... it's
3961 Chesswood Drive
Toronto, ON M3J 2R8
(416) 633-8800