Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 46

Hi Everyone:

   We are at week 46!  Can you believe it.   A block a week for a year and you all will have a beautiful quilt to show for it. 

    This weeks block is called  Treasure Chest.  It goes together quickly in a similar fashion to last weeks block.  Two large pieced triangles and a centre pieced unit, pieced together diagonally.

     First of all you will take your large triangles from colour #1 and #2, piece them together to make a square.  Make four of these.

Sew Large Triangles Together To Make a Square
     Next  center and sew fabric #3 triangle to the pieced square. Notice the fold line on the fabric.  That line is showing me where to line up the point of the triangle so that it is centered.

Center Triangle Before Sewing In Place
   Repeat this step, folding the fabric in the opposite direction to find the center and line up the other triangle.  This should resemble a flying geese segment with an extra triangle on the bottom.

Add The Second Triangle
     Sew the 2 fabric #1 triangles in place creating a large pieced triangle.  Make 2 of these.

Placement For Sewing Triangles
     Set these aside for now.   Lay out the 2 flying geese units with the square in the middle and piece them together.
Two Flying Geese Units and A Square
     There are 3 pieced segments to this block. Layout 3 diagonal rows and sew rows together. 

Sew Rows Together

    Press well to finish.

Stonehenge Treasure Chest Block
30's Treasure Chest Block
 See you all next week!


Anonymous said...

I only found your site recently. I love the blocks. Are you going to do another dozen for 2013? If not, will the blocks for 2012 stay online? I have tonnes of fabric, am just getting into sewing again, and plan to use up my scraps making blocks. You have a great site, by the way! Thanks.

Sew Sisters Quilt Shop said...

Hi Linne,
The Fundamentals Block of the Week programs ends December but the posts will stay on the blog.
Thanks for stopping by.