Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 48

Hi Everyone:

     We are on the final stretch with only 5 more blocks to make.  Won't it be fun to put them all up on the design wall to see how they look together?   I can't wait!

     This weeks block is called Broken Star.  It has a similar layout that we have been seeing in the last few weeks.  Making Block segments and then assembling them in three diagonal strips.  The first step is to attach the small square colour # 1, to 2 triangles colour # 2 (see picture below).  Make 4 of these.
Block Segments

     Next, make 4 flying geese segments using fabric #1 small triangles and fabric # 3 triangles.

Flying Geese Segments

     Sew these two segments together.  Make four of these.

Block Segments

     Layout with fabric #1 square and piece together.

Segment Layout

     Layout with fabric # 1 large triangles and sew into pieced triangle segments.  Make 2 of these.

Layout For Pieced Triangle Segment

     You know have three diagonal rows.  Sew the rows together, and you are all done.

Broken Star Block,  Stonehenge

Broken Star, 30's Fabrics

     See you all next week!

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