Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 47

Hi Everyone:
     I hope you are all enjoying the Indian Summer that we are having.  I find it difficult to get my head around Christmas with this spring like weather.  If I was smart I would be putting my outdoor decorations up before the temperature drops below freezing.
     This weeks block is called Centennial.  It is another block that we will assemble in diagonal rows  First fold your small squares in half both ways so that you will be able to centre your triangles for piecing.  (See Photograph below).

Centre Triangles on Square

 Sew triangles on two sides of the square kitty corner to each other (NOT across from each other).

Triangles Pieced To Square

Sew  the rectangle  to the unit that you just made.  Press.  Make 4 of these.

Set two of these block segments aside.  Sew the other two segments to opposite sides of your large square.

Centre Block Segment
Sew  the other two segments to the remaining triangles. They will become larger pieced triangles.
Pieced Triangle

Layout your three block segments and sew them together.

Block Layout

These are your finished blocks!

Centennial Block, Stonehenge Fabric

Centennial Block, Thirties Fabric

Have a great week everyone!

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