Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 45

Hi Everyone:

     A lot has gone on in the last week or so.  I was in Houston last week for Quilt Market and Festival when Hurricane Sandy hit.  I am so glad that it didn't affect the Toronto area, but I feel so bad for the people that were in it's path.

     This weeks block is called Aunt Eliza's Star.  It is a very simple block, but the construction is different than what we have been doing so far.  We will join the block segments in diagonal rows.

Diagonal Block Segments

     First you will join the long side of two triangles to the small square being sure to centre them on the square.  You will be using fabric #3 triangle and fabric #1 square.
Placement Of Triangles And Square
     You will notice that I have folded the fabric square in half in both directions.  The crease that you get helps centre the triangle (see diagram below).

Stitch Triangles To The Square Centering The Triangle
    Make four of these.  Set two of them aside.  With the other 2 you will now join 2 more triangles using colour #1 to the triangle portion of the block.

Placement For Fabric #1 Triangles
     You will make 2 of these pieced triangle segments.   Next you will take the other 2 block segments and join them to your large square in colour #2.

Centre Portion Of Block

      This portion of your block is the centre and your triangle segments will be on either side (see 1st diagram). Join these three segments together like you would join on -point blocks in diagonal rows.

Aunt Eliza's Star Stonehenge
Aunt Eliza's Star 30's
We are so close to the finish line.  I hope you are all keeping up.  See you next week!


Cathy said...

I do lve star blocks!

Jeannie said...

Me too Cathy. This one is especially easy to do.