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Welcome to the very first Kona Club Challenge Tutorial!

Here it is! The very first Kona Club Challenge Tutorial!

If you haven't read about the Kona Club Challenge it's a little something we started here at Sew Sisters. Since we send delicious Kona Solids each month to our Kona Club members, we thought it would be fun to share tutorials for projects using those solids. 

We approached quilting bloggers from the wonderful blogging universe and "challenged" them to design and create a project and a tutorial using four fat quarters from the Kona Solids we have sent out each month on Kona Club. 

Photo by Glass Eye Photography
Our first Kona Club Challenge went out to Kristie Maslow at OCD: obsessive crafting disorder and she graciously accepted. Kristie has a wonderful blog with lots of great projects, tutorials, and funny stories about her four (including Bailey of course)  gorgeous kids. Her blog always leaves us feeling happy and playful and we're so excited to have her be a guest blogger on the Kona Club Challenge. Kristie also  just had her first, all Canadian Quilt Pattern come out this month. You can find it here: The Good Old Hockey Game Quilt Pattern.

Kristie chose the Kona Solids we sent out in August 2012 and here's what she came up with! Enjoy this fun tutorial and be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post. 

Pregnant Mama Doll Tutorial 

 by Kristie Maslow at OCD: obsessive crafting disorder
*for personal use only

When I was asked by Sew Sisters Quilt Shop to participate in the Kona Solids Challenge, I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do.  While I constantly admire the works of others in solids, I find that I tend towards prints myself.  So, given 4 solids to work with and asked to produce a project, I was surprised how quickly inspiration came to me!  Perhaps it was the fleshy tone of the Kona Butter, or the happy Kona Corn Yellow, but immediately I thought they were perfect to make dolls for my daughters.  And then I recalled a "pregnant" doll that I had seen in cyberspace at some point, and I knew exactly what to do!  This doll is perfect for all little girls who what to be like their Moms, and would make the perfect gift for a "big sister" or "big brother" to-be!

The Baby doll tucks up inside under the dress to make the Mama "pregnant"....


You have the option to add Baby to a string (I know my daughters would loose it, otherwise!).

I also added instructions for a little baby sling to help Mama Doll tote Baby around.

The pattern can be modified to create a non-pregnant female doll by omitting the baby and maternity dress, or why not make a little boy doll by also leaving out the buns?  There are many options, choose one to suit you!

Let's get started!

Materials Required:
  • Pattern pieces (Click here to download pdf)
  • A fat quarter each of Kona Cotton Solids in Corn Yellow, Peacock and Navy, and 2 fat quarters or .5 metres of Kona Butter
  • Polyfill
  • Embroidery thread or Pearle 8 thread for facial features
  • Coordinating thread
  • Scraps of paper-backed two-sided iron-on adhesive (I used Pellon Wonder Under)
  • Dye-based ink (for "rosy cheeks", optional)
  • Scrap of yarn or ribbon, approximately 8 inches long (optional)
  • Embellishments such as buttons, lace, etc. (optional)

*This pattern can be simplified by omitting the baby and pregnancy option, resulting in a really sweet doll all on its own!
*all seams at 1/4 inch, not the traditional 1/2 inch, because I am a quilter and can't learn new tricks :)
*press all seams to dark colored side

1.  Print out pattern pages with no scaling, using 1 inch boxes provided on each page to ensure they are to size.  Cut all pattern pieces from fabric as required. Instructions for number of pieces to cut are on each piece.  Transfer marks as indicated.  

Iron adhesive to back of front hair piece prior to cutting.

2. Peel paper off hair piece and press onto butter face piece.  Hand or machine stitch  edges to secure.

Note: * the face also needs some stitched personalization, but I waited until the very end to do this so that I could better see the shape of the head to make it look good!

3. Sew 4 shoes to 4 legs.  To make Mary Jane style shoes, cut 2 shoe pieces, 1 inch from top (straight) edge, and insert butter additional piece.  

Once shoes are attached, pair one front leg with one back leg and with right sides facing, sew along sides and bottom, leaving tops open.  Invert right side out and press.  

Stuff with polyfill to 1/2 inch from top.

(trick- a chopstick is a great tool for pushing out corners and for packing in polyfill!)

4. Sew two arms together, right sides facing, leaving tops open.  Invert, press and stuff with polyfill as with legs.

5. Sew two hair buns together, right sides facing, and stuff in a similar fashion.

6. Sew back of head to back of body, right sides facing.

Note: *If you want to make a non-pregnant doll, sew the face to the front body as in step 6 and skip ahead to step 9 .

7. Here is where it gets interesting.  Pay attention, people! 

To make our doll pregnant, we need to be able to tuck baby up inside between the body and dress, and need to add pleats to allow for expansion.

Take maternity dress piece (which is folded double), and fold both layers to the wrong side using the outer markings on the top to the markings on the bottom corners.  Press along folds.  Next, fold back in towards right side starting at inner markings at top.  Press again. This should cause the pleats to meet at the top center as shown. 


Note: in this photo at this angle, you cannot clearly see the excess fabric at the top center, where the pleats meet.  Also, the dress is layered here with the body piece (as described in step 8- see it extending beyond the bottom fold of the dress there?), so it does not easily illustrate how there are excess flaps at the bottom right and left of the dress.  Sorry about that!

Trim the excess at the top created by the folds as shown but LEAVE THE EXCESS AT THE BOTTOM.  We need that part.

Note: If you want to embellish the dress, as I did with the heart and hand stitching, now is the time!

8. Layer front body piece under pleated maternity dress piece, right sides up for each.  Place face right side down on top, aligning neck with raw edges of top of body and dress.  Sew all four layers (1 body, double for dress, 1 face) and press.

9.  Hand or machine baste arms, legs, and hair buns to front piece of body using a 1/8 inch seam.  If you would like to attach the baby to a string, baste the string at the same time between the legs. This allows more precise positioning and prevents shifting in the final assembly step. Note that the buns are attached on a curve, using piecing similar to a drunkard's path block.  If you are unfamiliar with this technique, I suggest you pop over to my blog and look at some instructions. here.

10. Fold all arms, legs and hair buns inward on the body, and align back piece, right side down, over top.

Tip:  I should tell you to pin here, but honestly, I didn't.  I had better results to sew it together in little segments, checking as I went.

11.  Sew along outsides of doll body, leaving a 2 inch gap at the top of the head.  Along the bottom (leg) area, you will be sewing the front and back body parts together, but only those extra corner flaps of the dress that we didn't trim in step 7.  The lower folded part of the dress should NOT be in this seam, or you will be unable to insert the baby into the belly later.

12. Invert doll right side out through hole.  Press.

13. Stuff doll with polyfill via head opening.

14. Hand stitch hole closed, and hand stitch facial features as desired. Apply pink dye for rosy cheeks.


To make baby:

1. Cut out baby pieces from template, choosing baby style option 1 or 2.

2. Sew face to body.  Embellish if desired (I added a heart).  Align front and back, right sides facing, and INSERT STRING FROM MAMA DOLL INTO BOTTOM OF BABY DOLL, with string passing inside between the two right sided layers and EXITING NEAR HEAD. Sew as for Mama doll, leaving a gap at top of head for turning, which has string passing through.

3. Invert and press.  Stuff with polyfill and hand sew gap closed.  Hand sew facial features.  Apply pink dye for rosy cheeks.

To make baby carrier:

Cut strip of fabric measuring 15" by 6".  Press in half along length.  Open, and fold hems along length by folding over 1/4 inch and 1/4 inch again to seam raw edges. Hand or machine sew along hem. With right sides facing, sew into a loop along short ends.  Refold in half.  Secure with a few stitches near seam.  Sling over Mama Doll's head and one arm and insert her baby between the folds!  Voila!

And that completes the instructions for making your own Pregnant Mama Doll.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at ocdcrafter (at) gmail (dot) com.  Hope you enjoy!


You could win 4 fat quarters of the Kona Cotton Solids Kristie used to make the Pregnant Mama Doll! 
Just leave a comment on this post for a chance to win.

If you are no-reply blogger please leave your email id in the post.
We will leave the giveaway open till Monday, March 18th 2013. Winner will be announced Tuesday, March 19th. Good luck everybody and enjoy making the doll! 


felicity said...

I absolutely adore Kristie and this project is fantastic! I give it extra thumbs up for the babywearing, too.

Ladymax said...

What an innovative way to use quilt material. As a stuffed toy maker I would never have thought of this type of doll. I will probably be making one soon.

Michele T said...

This is such a sweet project... interesting to see how a doll is put together. Thank you Kristie for a fantastic tutorial!

giddy99 said...

So cute! Thanks for the chance!

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So awesome!! I have to make this!

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Cute doll! Thanks for the giveaway chance.

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Love this project! Thanks for this opportunity to win these great items!

Anna Banana said...

Aside from a shower gift, this would make such a cute gift for a grandmother who doesn't know she's expecting yet. :) Love the colours!

Gill said...

What a great idea!
Thank you!

Unknown said...

She's very cute!

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B Greene said...

Wow - what a great use of the Kona - thanks for sharing!

Sowing Stitches said...

How adorable! This would make such a great gift for 'big sisters' when they learn a new sibling is on the way. Thanks for sharing! :)

M-R Charbonneau said...

Great idea and an adorable doll! Thanks for the tutorial and giveaway!

BarefootThunder said...

simply ADORABLE :)

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Very cute! Thanks for the tutorial and giveaway.

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I love Sew Sisters and Kona solids!

fiberchick said...

How crazily adorable!!! Thank you for the giveaway too...

Lynda said...

This would be sew great to make with my granddaughter who is spending Easter weekend with me so we can sew together for days! Sweet!

Lynda said...

This would be sew great to make with my granddaughter who is spending Easter weekend with me so we can sew together for days! Sweet!

Deanna said...

I've been toying with the idea of making some dolls for my girls - looks so easy!

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Thank you for this project. Can I use it in my sewing club, i think the kids would like it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial - I need to make this for my little girl

Anonymous said...

I love this, so I have 'pressed' this page to my own blog. I think some of my readers will like the mama doll tutorial and maybe some will be interested in the challenge, too.
Thanks a lot. ~ Linne

Julianne Van't land said...

This is such an inspiring way to use up small bits of my stash. Love it!

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that is a really great idea..would love to win the fabric for this.

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The little doll is adorable. Nice to have little 'pressies' on hand when special wee folk come to call.

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Unthinkably brilliant!!
This certainly is a simply adorable
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Anita E.

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kath said...

Made this for my niece who is expecting a little brother. Thanks so much for a gorgeous tutorial and pattern.

Sew Sisters Quilt Shop said...

That's terrific! We'd love to see it. Would you like to post a picture to our fb page?

Unknown said...

Well I made this doll for my 5 yr old, and she loves it! I didn't add the string, and she would have none of an oval baby, so I had to make one with arms and legs. That was ridiculously hard to do!! Those tiny legs and arms. I don't recommend it :) thanks for an incredibly fun tutorial that was easy to follow. It took less than a week to do hand sewing it and with 3 little ones :)

Татьяна said...

Спасибо огромное! Замечательная идея! Заменательная куколка!