Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 23

Hi Everyone

Every week I do another block I get more excited to see the finished quilt.
This week's block is called Windblown Square.  To me it looks like European tiles, and I think this block repeated over and over would make a fabulous quilt.

I found a great tool in the store that I thought I might try.  It is called "The Quilter's Boot".  I overlooked it in the past because the package says "FOR PERFECT MITERED BINDING".

The Quilter's Boot Template
Even though I love gadgets, I didn't see the need for this one as I have mastered binding.  Then I noticed that it is a triangle trimmer as well!  This I can use.  Place the ruler on your fabric triangle, lining up the sides of the ruler with the 2 edges of your triangle.

Template Lined Up With Fabric Triangle
Using your rotary cutter and the template as a guide, cut off the points of your triangles. You will make 2 cuts per corner.

Trim The Corners
The nice thing about this method is when you are adding triangles, instead of folding your fabric in half to find the centre as we have done in some of the past blocks, if you trim your triangles using this tool they will automatically line up.  The last step in this block is to join 2 triangles to create an even larger triangle.  Then you will attach them to your block (see diagram below).

Add The Last Row Of Triangles
Windblown Square
This is the finished block.  Happy sewing everyone.  See you next week!

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