Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Project - Back In Progress

I always tackle a big project during the summer -  my husband will actually tell you I always do two -  one quilting related and one **other** (this year it is expanding the store last year it was moving the family to a new house).  Well so it goes.  Last summer I started a King Sized Postage Stamp Quilt using 1930s fabric and Kona Snow.  If you are interested you can read through the posts starting last July to see how it went.  As it turned out it was a much bigger project than I anticipated and while I got a lot done I certainly didn't finish it.  This summer I am going to make a run at getting it done.

As of today I have finished one of the four panels I need to make and have started in on the second.  Each panel measures 120" x 30" finished or  180" x 45" unfinished.

The first panel measures 120" x 30"
and covers this much of the bed!

The second panel is started. 
This is my ironing set up.

Yesterday I took everything out and got to work.  I am storing my thousands of squares in a giant mixing bowl. 

At our retreat in February a "tragedy" befell my bowl.  I was carrying it in from the car with my iron sitting on the top of it and my iron drained into the bowl getting all the squares drenched.  I laid them all out in my hotel room -  it looked like a ticker tape parade in there and dried them out and then threw them back in the bowl.  Of course now a lot of them are quite wrinkly and warped (thankfully not all of them).  I spent about 4 hours ironing them and stacking them by color and only made a dent in the pile!

Ironed, sorted and stacked!

These squares are still waiting for for something to happen!


Shelley said...

Wow! That takes some patience! Hats off to you, girl! Beautiful quilt & summer project!!

Quilting Queen said...

You are not alone, Judy, I always start a "summer project" too...last year it was my "Dear Dorothy Jane" to honor my Mom...I've never understood why some women think quilting is a winter craft. May I ask...what size are your small squares...am thinking I might be brave enough to try this...on a much smaller quilt size, of course.

Betweens said...

Just so you know it does look very promising. It will be well worth it, I love how it is turning out.
Just think when you are done you can print all your posts and also keep it with the quilt as a history of how it came about and what happened along the way. I think one of your boys should learn to iron...LOL
Keep going you can do it!!!

Kate said...

Oh my goodness, you have my admiration for working with pieces that small!

Kate said...

Oh my goodness, you have my admiration for working with pieces that small!

Magnolia said...

Looks great! I mentioned in an email to you that I am also working on a postage stamp. Don't feel bad about not being finished, I started when my 22 year old son was 12!!! Mine is mostly purple and blue. I started in the middle and am working my way out with colours getting darker as I go. I have exactly 1252 squares left to sew! I've already sewn over 5000 squares. Of all the patterns in all the books he looked out, why did it have to be this one??? Are you doing yours by hand,too?