Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Expansion Update

We haven't had an expansion update in a while haven't we? We're sorry about that but how do you take pictures of a wireless network? :) We've been doing a lot of back end work - putting systems in place, counting bolts, measuring the store... that sort of thing. Hence the silence.

We do have new shelves though. We did promise more fabric and more fabric you shall have!

We're going to be re-arranging the store soon so we're prepping for that.

More soon. 


Angela said...

It's really looking terrific! As if it wasn't bad enough trying to choose a fabric before - now with all these new choices.....!!

Anonymous said...

Can you please come over and work the same magic in my sewing room?

Angela said...

Wish I had a separate room to do my quilting in - I'm in a small condo and it requires a bit of manoeuvring to set up for quilting!