Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fundamentals Sew - Along week 24

Hi Everyone:

     I hope you are all enjoying working on these blocks as much as I am.  This week's block is called Crystal Star Block.  It too has wonderful possibilities made up into a whole quilt.

      I thought I would tell you  about a great product called The Quilter's Cut'n Press. If you don't have one, it really is a good investment.  The one that I have is ancient and it is probably time for me to upgrade to a new one.
Quilter's Cut'n Press
This is a gridded ironing surface. It is wonderful because not only can you take it along to workshops and have your own personal ironing surface, you can line up your patches and ensure that they are not distorting during the ironing process.  I have lined up the bottom of the triangle block on one of the lines, and my stitching line ends at the vertical line. 

Line Up Triangle on a Horizontal line

When you fold open the triangle it should line up with the vertical line.

Vertical Line Should Line Up With Edge Of Block

Accurate Flying Geese Block

Not only can you press accurately with the pressing board.  If you flip it over, the other side is a cutting mat with the same gridded lines.  
Checking Block Segments for accuracy
Below is the finished block.  By the end of this project you all will be experts on flying geese and square in a square blocks.

Crystal Star Block
I found a funny cartoon today and thought I'd share. Go to Feathered Fibres for more of Carla Barrett's illustrations.  :)
Have a good week everyone!

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Susa Shone said...

Love the cartoon, block is very attractive, & I think it is time for me to replace my cutting board/ironing board combo, as well!
Susan S