Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - week 26

Hi Everyone:

     Guess what!  We are half way there.  I just put the blocks up on the design wall, and I must say they look beautiful together.  Even though eventually they will have either sashing or an Irish Chain block in between them, they actually look quite nice touching each other.

26 Bocks Done!  Stonehenge

              26 Blocks Done!  30's Reproductions

They  both  are lovely!
This weeks block is called Broken Dishes.  By now you are probably finding the assembly of these blocks getting easier.

Broken Dishes Assembly

Some  of the blocks that we are working on have 36 or more pieces in them.  I know there might be a few of you that might not want to be jumping up to iron at every step. I know I don't!  But I do iron EVERTHING!  Even though I know the aroebic activity wouldn't hurt it really slows down production, so I have reconfigured my workspace so that my ironing station and cutting station are all within reach of the sewing machine.  It really speeds things up.  I found an old coffee table that doubles as my cutting area and I lowered my ironing board so that it is the same height as my sewing table.  Before I repurposed the coffee table I was using my dehumidifier.  It worked as well.  So look around your house you should be able to come up with something that would work for you.

Sewing Area with Cutting and Ironing Station
These are the finished blocks. 

Broken Dishes Block -   30's Reproductions
Broken Dishes Block -  Stonehenge
Have a good week everyone, and leave some time to sew!

2 comments: said...

Amazing 26 blocks adding up, Jeannie!
Always love your quilting and your blog.
Anita E.

Jeannie said...

Thanks Anita. I look forward to see your finished blocks with your personal spin to them.