Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 19

Hi everyone:

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely spring weather we are having. We have been very busy in the store lately.  Lots of new fabric coming in and lots of changes to the store.  We have had two classes in the bright new classroom.  Keep your eye on the blog,  Carol will keep you updated on the renovation.

Since there are so many triangles in the this quilt I thought I would do a short tutorial on Thangles.  Thangles are small strips of paper that you pin to your strips of fabric so that you may accurately chain piece  your triangles together.   They come in many different sizes.  If you need 2" finished squares that are made up of 2 triangles,  you will need to use 2 1/2" strips of fabric.

Thangles Templates

The dotted lines are the lines that you will stitch on, and the solid lines as well as the double solid lines are your cutting line.   First layer the strips with the right sides together.   Then  pin the Thangle paper to the strips, keeping the long edges aligned.  Now you are ready to stitch on the dotted lines. 

Stitch On The Dotted Lines
Once you are finished sewing you may cut apart the triangle segments.  It is best to press your triangles open with the paper still attached to prevent stretching of the fabric.  To remove the paper pinch in the seam allowance and pull on the triangle of  paper.  It will pop free.

Cut Your Segments IntoTtriangles
This week's block is called Philadelphia  Pavement.  The block has a shoo fly centre surrounded by sashing bars corner squares. It is a lovely block and both colourways have a bit of gold or yellow to brighten them up.

Philadelphia Pavement Block

If you have any 1 1/2" finished Thangles, they will come in handy next week!  See you then.

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