Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fundamentals Sew-Along - Week 21

 Hi everyone!  I am sure you have noticed that the blocks are getting a little more complicated every week.
This week you are going to get a break. I have a very easy one for you.  It is called Economy Patch, and it is a variation of the Square in a Square Block.  You can get it done  and be back in the garden in no time!

If you take the center square of the block and fold it in half, the crease will give you a place to center your triangle.  

Fold Center Square in Half

Use Fold Line as a Guide For Centering Triangle

The triangle will over hang the square.  If you piece the 2 opposite triangles first, you can center them both with the same fold line.

Then you can fold you center square the other way matching up your triangles.  This is a guide for lining up your other  two triangles.

Fold Center Square Matching Triangles
Use Fold Line as a Guide For The Next Two Triangles
Now your block will look like a square in a square.  You still have to add four more triangles.  You will do this in the same fashion as the above procedure, folding your now larger block to find the center.  Then add your triangles.

Economy Patch Block
These are the finished blocks.  Happy sewing everyone, see you next week!

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