Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Expansion Update

This is what the store looks like right now but we are happy to say we are functionally normally even with the hole in the wall. Look at all that space behind the cover... that's going to have more fabric! 

You can still find what you need.
So after the wonderful young men moved all the concrete blocks Fred (Judy's dad) and Karen ripped out the carpet. Can you see the long blocks of floor boards in the kitchen? They're waiting to be laid out. 

We're happy to say our classroom is up and running. It's bigger and brighter and seven wonderful ladies took a Machine Quilting class there this afternoon.

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Betweens said...

Wow that looks awesome! so does that mean you will start with new classes and the old teachers.
i can see retreat room retreat!!

Kate said...

It must be exciting for all of you!

Carol said...

It sure is Kate! :)