Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fundamentals Sew - Along week 22

Hi Everyone:

Today two people walked through the classroom where I was working on this weeks blocks.  In the past they have favoured the 30's colorway.  But today they preferred the Stonehenge.  I, on the other hand prefer Stonehenge, was really drawn to the green and yellow 30's block.

Today's block is called Hourglass.  It is a variation on last weeks block.  In fact I really wondered what I would talk about this week.  Then it happened!  Sometimes when things get very repetitive my brain just goes into autopilot.  Have you ever experienced this?  I began sewing the triangles on to the center square. Then I started adding more triangles, which is what we did last week. Really what I should have been doing is is piecing the flying geese segments (see below right).

Diagram on the Right is the Correct Piecing Diagram

Notice the seam ripper on the left side.  I hate to rip things out,  but it is the only option.
One thing I thought I would discuss this week is trimming your triangles and pressing.  I know these are extra steps, but they really are worth it.  If your blocks are pressed, they will lie flat and allow you to be more accurate when you are assembling them.  Trimming your triangles is also a good idea.  Not only does it take away some of the bulk, it makes it easier to piece the blocks together accurately.

Press Your Block Segments As You Go

Hourglass Block

These are the finished blocks.   There is a little bit of blue in one of the fabrics in the Stonehenge block which will add a little depth to the quilt.  See you next week!!


Anita E. said...

Still love the 30's!

Magnolia said...

I completely messed up my cutting. I cut my corner squares in half and cut the small bits before the 5 inch square so didn't have enough fabric. In other words, mine font look anything like yours, Jeannie, because I had to do a lot of substituting.

Jeannie said...

Don't worry Magnolia, it happens to me more than I would like to admit. Sometimes when you have to substitute fabrics your results are better than the original. I call it a happy accident! I also have no problem piecing together mis-cut fabric (same fabric print) and then re-cut it to the shape I want.

Jeannie said...

I know Anita, I will never convert you from 30's to Stonehenge.