Thursday, July 3, 2008

Personalized Towel ... Another Project Done!

Well my littlest son David lost his "Incredible Hulk" towel on the first day of his swimming lessons. Today's project was a towel that would be much more difficult for another kid to pick up by mistake! I bought an (inexpensive!!) towel at the Supercenter then appliqued on Davey's name. He can't possibly lose this one!

I'm absolutely smitten with his toothless grin...
but I'm his mother so I can't help myself!

Personalized Towel Instructions

  1. Using your favourite word processing software, type in the child's name. Change the font to a bold and simple typeface (I used IMPACT) then increase the font size to 400. Print out the child's name. The letters will be about 3.5 - 4.5" high. If they aren't fiddle around with the font until you get something you like!

  2. Trace the letters onto the paper backing of steam-a-seam from the reverse side - if you don't the fabric letters will be in mirror image. Use a ruler to help you get nice straight lines.

  3. Iron the letters onto the reverse side of the fabric ... for a livelier towel you can use several co-ordinates!

  4. Remove the paper backing from the letters and carefull arrange them on the towel being mindful of spacing and keeping them in a straight line. I used my 6 x 24" ruler as a guide. Iron in place.

  5. Using thread that co-ordinates with the towel zig zag around all the raw edges of the letters.

  6. Voila - you are done - have fun at the beach!


Sandra said...

That's a great towel, and David is a handsome young man :)

Your resolution to complete a project every day for a week, has inspired me. I'm going to start a "7 (projects) in 7 (days)" resolution tomorrow - I have a ton of things I want to get done so maybe this will help me cross a few items off of my To Do list!

magpie said...

Master Davey is just too cut for words. That is a great towel project by the way! LOoks fantastic!!

Judy said...

Thanks Girls...Sandra I fully support your resolution...can you post your progress so we can root you on?

Anonymous said...

Great looking Towel - Great Idea - Kid is cute

Sandra said...

Sure, I'll be posting on my sewing blog. I'm not too worried about the resolution because a) I can always make a pillowcase as a back-up project (and it's for a good cause!) and b) I'm aiming for 7 in 7, not 1 per day - that gives me a bit of leeway as well :D

The bibs are for a different project and for family/friends (and, as it turns out, for the great-niece of blogger friends, and for the girlfriends of my nieces, LOL) - I have soooooo much fun with those! BTW - I think I'm coming to the store on Saturday - the timing is finally right and hubby will be home to drive me!

Sandra said...

OK Judy - where's your project for today - I'm watching for a post! ;)

I posted my "7 in 7" goal on my blog today, and finished up 2 small projects ---- I don't always get a chance to sew on the weekends so I wanted to get ahead of the game.

Hope to make it to the shop tomorrow, as long as hubby doesn't end up working longer than he's supposed to!

Judy said...

My posts are delayed because I decided to take Saturday off! I finished my second towel. I am trying really hard to finish a pair of socks today... not sure if I am going to get there or not. I'm thinking I will have 6 projects finished in 7 days! Not bad really!

Irene said...

That's an easy pattern to follow. I made towels for my grand daughters and they were a big hit.