Saturday, July 26, 2008

Leading the Charge...It's Time for a Tying Resurgance

We have prepareing some wonderful stitchery projects in the shop (I'll write more about those at a later date). This week we received all these exquisite skeins of floss and perle cotton from Week's Dye Works. They are scrumptious overdyed fibres that are very tempting to all the senses. Playing with all the floss and perle cotton got me to thinking about tying quilts. Many people have quilt tops that need to be finished into quilts but they either don't have the skill, time, or inclination to quilt them so they sit around as UFOs. If the budget permits it is wonderful to have a long arm quilter do the job for you but that isn't always the right solution. I really advocate tying quilts!

Tying is and age old method of finishing a quilt that is quick, economical, simple and effective. Unfortunately it has been out of favour for quite awhile...but I think that is poppycock! If you have a top that has been sitting around gathering dust why not take an afternoon and convert it into a finished quilt by tying it! Finally, if you do decide you want to quilt the quilt after you have tied it you can. Just treat the ties as your basting stitches as quilt as you normally would -- but I'll bet you won't -- the charm of the tied quilt will grow on you as it has on me. Here's a little video showing how to tie the knots!


Rose Marie Carson said...

Why do you think tying went out of style? I never even think about it as an option. Do the ties look really ratty after they have been washed a few times?

Judy said...

Hee Hee... I wouldn't say ratty ... the ties do get fuzzy as they get washed but I think that is part of the charm. Not all quilts are suited to tying but simple patch quilts, log cabins and grandmother's flower gardens all look wonderful when they are tied.