Tuesday, July 8, 2008

7 in 7 ... Final Tally!

Last week I challenged myself to complete 7 projects in 7 days... actually I promised to finish one project a day for 7 days ... but I am attempting to revise history since I didn't quite make my goal!

Here is the tally:

Project 1 ... Gnome Pillowcases -- completed

Project 2 ...Baseball Pillowcases -- completed

Project 3 ... Yo Yo Pillow -- completed

Project 4 ...Personalized Towel -- (David) completed

Project 5 ...Personalized Towel (Daniel) completed *

* Would you believe that my kid has already lost this towel? I'm hoping it will reappear tomorrow but as of today it is missing. So far this summer we have lost: 1 Hulk towel, 1 bottle of sunscreen, 2 baseball caps and today the whole swimming bag including the brand new personalized towel and swimsuit! ARRRRGGGGGHHH.

Project 6...Cotton Striped Socks for Daniel...getting closer to completion ... I have finished the heel of the second sock and am well down the home strectch towards the toe...might finish tonight (which would be 3 days late).

Project 7...Binding My Hunter's Star ... started this in a class with Irene Dewar back in February. Cheryl of Magpie Artworks did the gorgeous machine quilting. Sandy and Hilma even made the binding for me and I still haven't sewn it on ... even with 3 helpers I haven't given it to my parents yet! I will definately do this next!

So all in all I did 5 in 7 days but I did get number 6 much closer to completion than it had been earlier in the week. I am going to do a UFO list and see if I can work my way through it. But for tonight I will be back to finishing the socks!


Sandra said...

You did GREAT!!! You got 5 projects completely finished, another project is almost done, and your binding project has been bumped up to priority status - I'd say that even if you missed your goal by just a little bit, you still did an excellent job - YAY! You might want to stock up on name/address labels tho... LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey - 5 out of 7 is good!! Over 70%! Way to go.

Jeanne said...

Sounds like a very successful week to me! (For you, not your son) VBG Some days you have to wonder how they manage when they are on their own.

Myrna said...

Oh no... that is so funny. I can't believe he lost his personalized towel on the first day!