Sunday, July 6, 2008

New This Week II

It's back in stock! The Gypsy Gripper is one of the most popular gizmos on the market. It looks like an old-time telephone receiver but it is really a tool to help you with your rotary cutting!

The Gypsy Gripper has a comfortable grip handle, and two large roundsuction cups with handy lock & release levers. Just press the suctioncups to any plastic ruler with a smooth solid surface, and then flip thelevers to lock The Gypsy Gripper in place. Now you can move the ruler quickly, and easily hold it on the exact position with gentle downwardpressure. Your ruler hand will be up and away from the fabric, and outof harm's way if you slip with the cutter. When you need to switch to another ruler, just flip the locking levers to release The Gypsy Gripper.

I am such a fan of the designers at Brandwine. The Critter Caboodle book has so many adorable animal patterns in it will have trouble deciding where to start! To flip through this book is to fall in love with all the critters Linda has created!

Next up is Time for a Chain II from Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith. These girls can always be counted on to write creative and useful patterns! Time for A Chain Includes 2 Block sizes for single, double, and triple Irish Chain. 6 charts with 3-4 quilt sizes each. 3 gallery quilts for inspiration. 9 color combos. Easy-to-follow cutting and stitching diagrams plus border and binding instructions. What more could you ask?

What could be more Canadian than a Hockey Themed pattern for your favourite kid's room We think this one is adorable!

Finally the new book from Atkinson Designs has arrived : Time Out Quilts. It has 7 quilts in multiple sizes.

This book promises to show you how to make traditional quilts in less time. If you can take the calories out of cheesecake by using low fat ingredients, why not take some of the time out of traditional quilts with a few shortcuts?

Phew ... that's quite a collection...see you in the shop or online this week!

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