Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Taupes from Japan and The Work of Yoko Saito

Right now I am very interested in Japanese quilting. While there are several trends in Japan the most dominant is working in a limited palette...usually indigo or taupe. The new Quilt Mania magazine features several articles on Japanese exhibits and quilting.

My favourite quilter at the moment is Yoko Saito. Saito is a Japanese quilter who works almost exclusively in taupes...her attention to minutae is astonishing! When you drop by the store be sure to browse through one of her books...we always have some in stock! Pictured are the cover of one of Saito's books: Scandinavian Quilts as well as one of the quilts featured within it. The larger quilt is from "Small Quilts" and close examination reveals the exquisite detail and layers of handwork that went into its execution.

Our front section is stocked full of new Taupes from Japan. These prints are both subtle and ethereal. We will be exploring their use both in classes and samples in the coming months. We have a wide range available online both by the metre and by the Fat Quarter: Taupes.

Here are a few of the lovely prints:

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Betweens said...

I just love this whole section here. the Taupes are fabulous colors! this gives real incentive to come in and visit