Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Catching Up...My Yo Yo Pillow is Done

In the fall I had a little case of Yo Yo mania and made a whole bunch of teensy yo yos in 1930s reproduction fabric and there they sat. Today I finally worked them into this little pillow (it is 12 inches). I used the clover yo yo maker which made the project really easy!

Now I am only one day behind in my resolution but as Scarlett O'Hara would say...tomorrow is another day.


Sandra said...

Great pillow!! I read in the Official Resolution Rule Book (page 47, paragraph 3, section iii, sub-section f) that a UFO completion is a twofer - it counts as TWO completions!!

Sandra said...

I saw this pillow in the store today - it's even prettier in person than in the photo - it's fantastic! Sorry I missed you, Judy, but I had a nice chat with Ann while I was there!

BTW - you should post a picture of the second personalized towel --- is it another completion for your resolution? :D

Judy said...

Thanks Sandra...I took the day off! I will post the rest of my projects tomorrow when I am back in the store!