Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Resolution ... Broken Down Already

Well on Sunday I promised to finish a project everyday this didn't last at all!
I Have just finished Monday's project which is the baseball pillowcases.
Lest you think I have been totally shirking ... I have advanced several things closer to completion so I believe I will still do seven things this week...if not one everyday!

Meanwhile we have some gorgeous Lantern Moon Needles...the Sock Stix on sale for 15.60 -- these luxury needles retail for 26.00 per set!

They are 5" double points made specifically for socks. They come in a bright plaid organza bag! They are a luxurious gift and they knit like a dream!
Now, I'm off to finish yesterday's project!

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Anonymous said...

One project every day - where do you find the time?