Friday, July 18, 2008

True Confession Time

I can't seem to help myself..I am obsessed with knitting socks. Yesterday, I was standing in the kitchen knitting while I was waiting for the water to boil...I had 4 spare minutes so I figured...what the heck I can do a couple of rows...that's when I realized I'm a sockaholic! Doesn't matter where I am, who I'm with or what I'm doing if I have free time you can bet I'm knitting socks. This leads me to my second confession...or I suppose that I am confessing on behalf of my son.

Yesterday somebody pointed out that I kept making things for my son David and not for my son Daniel. Alas and alak ...that's not true! I made David a Personalized Towel because he lost his Incredible hulk towel the first day of camp...the next day I made another towel for Daniel. Unfortuantely, Daniel lost his personalized towel the first day he brought it to camp! The irony is staggering isn't it?

Next I made Daniel a pair of "lovey dovey" socks out of Cotton Joy. I finished up the toe at the park (I told you I would knit anywhere) and he immediately changed into them. Within 5 minutes he was down in the ravine digging clay out of the creek bed and the socks were caked with muck! They still haven't been washed and blocked so again no picture! As you can see there is no need to worry Daniel is getting his share of the crafts!
Meanwhile, Monika finished making up the Favortie Things Lunch Bag using the lollipop frog fabric and some funky dots! It was a quick afternoon project and the the little lunch bags make great gifts. We used some thermal batting inside the bag to be sure that our lunch would stay cold!


Kate said...

Did you rip out that bump for the gouty foot yet? Or haven't you worked up the courage yet?

Judy said...

Good Grief...Hilma finally took matters into her own hands and ripped it out for me. I was positively paralyzed and didn't want to rip out the hump. It's gone now but the socks still aren't finished...sometimes you just lose know?