Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting set for the Fat Quarter Frenzy!

So... for all you lovely online shoppers here's what your store looks like! The office now has thousands of fat quarters - cut, folded, labeled and organized so we can get them out to you quickly and efficiently. We're looking forward to the Fat Quarter Frenzy! Are you?

Surrounded by Fat Quarters!!!

There are close to 4000 fat quarters in these tubs... and we still have another day to add more!

Index cards to help us pick right and pick quick!


Betweens said...

Oh my look at all those happy little FQ`s I can just frolick in there all day and make it way less organized. I doubt very much I would be much loved by then.
I love all the pictures it is great to see the creativeness of those in the FQ Group. Can`t wait to vote.

Judy said...

Wowza! Don't they look beautiful? Carol our new web administration specialist has been working hard and it really shows! This frenzy is going to be a tonne of fun! Wait until you find out who will be "hopping" in tomorrow to celebrate leap year with the Sew Sisters!