Monday, February 27, 2012

Bargain Lovers Contest Countdown - Day 2 Post II

It's getting hotter at the Bargain Lovers Contest! We received a whole bunch of entries over the weekend hence the second post for the day. We love all the stuff you guys are sending in. You still have till tomorrow to send in your entries so don't hesitate!

If you want to join the fun at The Bargain Lover's Club go here.

Anne Howes  - African Women Wall HangingAnne loves making African quilts and wall hangings. She wants the wall hangings to look like pictures torn out of a magazine.  She  is 91. Her daughter Karen sent us this entry. She says, "Getting the bundles of fabric from your shop each month is such a wonderful treat for her - it was my Mother's Day gift and it is a gift that keeps on giving! Anytime a sewer comes to visit she hauls all of the packages out and shows them off!  She has been reluctant to take the packages apart because they are so pretty so she has been using the fabric sparingly; she repackages everything so it looks the way it did when it arrived!"

Anne Howes - Tulips Wall Hanging
Anne loves to garden but getting out in the winter can be a challenge. This tulips are her way of gardening even in the winter. 
Regina Streicher - Coffee-themed Placemats 12"X 16"

Regina Streicher - Coffee-themed Mug Rugs 7"X 9"

Regina Streicher - Summer 

Sandy Veenstra
What's black and white and red all over?
A bag made for my friend from the blacks and whites and a few reds too.
(pattern: Hopscotch Quilt shop)
Frances Chislett - Quilt for Two-year old niece
The pattern is called Y In The Road

Krista McIntosh

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