Monday, February 13, 2012

Bargain Lover's Contest Entries

We've received a steady stream of entries to the Bargain Lover's Contest and they are all so great! Thank you to everyone who entered and if you haven't sent in your entry yet get them in before the 28th of February 2012! You can send as many entries as you like - just make sure your project was made with Bargain Lover's fabric, take a picture and mail it to Send us your name and anything you would like to say about the quilt. We love fabric and we love fabric stories so do share. :) 

And remember that there are lots of prizes! 
Grand Prize – One Year Subscription to the Bargain Lover’s Club!
Viewer’s Choice – 3 month subscription to the Bargain Lover’s Club!
Most Original Idea – 3 month subscription to the  Bargain Lover’s Club!
Judy’s Choice – 3 month subscription to the Bargain Lover’s Club!
Jeannie’s Choice – 3 month subscription to the Bargain Lover’s Club!

If you haven't heard of the Bargain Lover's Contest or the Bargain Lover's Club  go to the Sew Sisters website. Follow our blog so you hear about everything that's happening at the store. 

OK! Let's get to the fun part! 
Here are some of the entries to the contest. More to come everyday so make sure you check. 

This quilt is from Colleen Nicholls. The pattern is from  Peacebrook Quilting and Colleen Nicholls donated it to the victims of the Slave Lake fire.

This Jewel Box quilt is by Maureen Elsey and was a gift for her son and his wife at Christmas 2010.   

This entry is from Cathy Loos. She says, "When I make a quilt, the quilt is about a person's life". This quilt was made for her friend who is a retired school teacher. 


Deb Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Oh my, what lovely quilts! I had completely forgotten about the contest, thanks so much for the reminder, off to send you some of my pictures! Deb

Carol said...

We got this email from Doris for whom Cathy Loos made the quilt that is entered here. We thought we should add it as a comment.

Cathy Loos entered a quilt in your contest that she made for me. The photo doesn't do it justice. It is better than it looks here. I am a retired school teacher, gardener and nature lover. Cathy pieced together in this quilt ....all the pieces of my life... children,school house, apples, boats, leaves, flowers, birds, animals, snowshoes, skis,trees, pinecones, winter trails, lakes ...and on and on.
Cathy Loos quilt is a definite winner in my eyes!

Doris Villemaire