Friday, February 17, 2012

Bargain Lovers Contest - Crafty

There's so much you can do with our Bargain Lover's fabric. Look at these cute crafty things that have been entered to the Bargain Lover's Contest! Give you some ideas?

Deb  Riddell 
Rag Heart Bowl Fillers - a set of little bowl filler hearts in a 'rag quilt' style using some of the Bargain Lovers fabrics (plus one other fabric). They measure about 3" x 3" and Deb has 'aged' them since she loves primitive style crafts with a tea bath.  

Deb Riddell
Lumber Jack Santa - Deb used one of the Bargain Lovers fabrics for Santa's pants! He is about 10" tall and she made him as a birthday gift for her Mom!

Kathy in Kamsack
Snappy Bag - Kathy made this from a tutorial from The bag has a squeeze top to open and was made from fat quarters that she received in December. 
Let's take another look at...
The Prizes!!!
Grand Prize – One Year Subscription to the Bargain Lover’s Club!
Viewer’s Choice – 3 month subscription to the Bargain Lover’s Club!
Most Original Idea – 3 month subscription to the  Bargain Lover’s Club!
Judy’s Choice – 3 month subscription to the Bargain Lover’s Club!
Jeannie’s Choice – 3 month subscription to the Bargain Lover’s Club!

So hurry up and send in your entries to Take a photo of any project that you have made with our Bargain Lover's fabric and mail it before the 28th of February 2012. You can send in as many entries as you'd like! 

We're going to be posting the entries here on the blog everyday so follow our blog (click on the button that says Join this Site on the side bar) to stay updated! 


Kate said...

Love those rag heart bowl fillers ... they are adorable!!

Kate said...

Lumber Jack Santa is a novel idea .... very clever!!

Deb Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Carol, thanks so much for sharing my pics here on the blog and I love Kathy's 'Snappy Bag', too cute! Good luck to everyone who enters your contest, what wonderful prizes!! Deb

Carol said...

You're very welcome Deb. :) Thank You for entering the contest!

Heather said...

My quilt top is done, now to quilt it and send a photo.

Carol said...

We look forward to it Heather. :)