Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bargain Lovers Contest Entries - VIII

More eye candy for you! Here are some quilts from the Bargain Lovers Contest. 
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Cathy Loos - Celebrate Compass
Cathy made this for the cabin that her father-in-law left them. 
Cathy Loos - Celebrate Compass 
Cathy made this for her sister-in-law's cabin.

Michele Timms Malaya's Quilt 
Michele says, "T
his is a lap quilt that I made for my niece (tragically she had a diving accident that left her completely paralyzed this summer). This quilt was presented for her birthday in November... you should have seen her face light up!! The dogs' tongues are made from a woolen blanket that was my mom's (she is not living anymore), so it is as if my mom is part of this quilt too! The dogs appear to be panting because I only stitched the top part of the tongue to each dog!! Each dog was given a short name to easily identify one from the other and I stitched the names on their collars.
Malaya's Quilt - Duke

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Anonymous said...

Michele, this quilt turned out fabulously. Great Job.